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Okay, so last month has been really tough for me. I never thought I would be so busy that I would feel so exhausted. I hope my daily routine starts soon again because I moved out of Berlin, my home. These are the last photos taken in Berlin, when I went  to this amazing installation at Blain Southern Berlin Gallery. The artist Chiharu Shiota created something breathtaking which I never saw. When she was speaking about the idea what she’s wanted so express with the boats Shiota says:

„Our lives are like a journey without destination, even though we don’t know where we are heading, we cannot stop. I wanted to emphasise this feeling of traveling with nowhere to go whilst alluding to a search for sense of belonging.“

This really describes how I feel at the moment- away from home, alone, don’t know where everything ends up – but I still feel like doing the right thing. I moved to Amsterdam for a week now for an internship which lasts six months. I am very excited and enthusiastic about being here. Even though Amsterdam is not really far away from Berlin, it still feels kind of weird to be away from my comfort zone. But as always I will catch up with everything. Besides moving to another city, my camera broke and I had to buy myself a new one. Basically everything went up and down the last week. However not everything was really bad.

I tried to enjoy the last week in Berlin to the fullest catching up with my friends and family. The time we spent together was really special to me and I appreciated every minute of it. The sun was shining and strolling through the park with ice cream in my hand made me realize to be happy about the littlest things in life, such as going out for a drink with my girlfriends like we always do. Life is really short but it’s all about having a good time. Let’s see what Amsterdam has to offer for me…

sweater – Zara

shirt – Maison Kitsune

jeans – Topshop

loafers – Topshop

bag – Dior

Amy, x