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Amsterdam is getting colder and colder. But I think I’m totally prepared. I guess this coat will safe me this upcoming winter. When I have ride my bike I was wearing this coat which keeps me so warm. When I bought this coat I wasn’t really sure about the checked pattern. I was not sure if I would end up being fed up with that pattern. But all my coats from last year were black blue or black, so I wanted to try something new and I am very happy with my decision. 

For now I think I finally arrived in Amsterdam. I just got my flat, a bike and my internship starts on Monday. At the moment I really enjoy the city. It’s really nice to explore the city by bike. There are so many places here I have to visit.

coat – H&M

sweater – Weekday

shirt – Weekday

jeans – Asos

shoes – Nike

sunglasses – Ace&Tate

Amy, x