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The only things annoying me in winter: you are wearing 3-4 months almost the same jacket.
I have no problem with layering but it’s really flat to wear the same coat every day. When I came to Amsterdam I just brought two coats with me. Now you see it annoys you to see me in every picture with the same jacket and me as well. So how should we handle this?

-First, if I would be rich I could buy some Acne and Celine coats and look super cute in it and my motivation to take some pictures would be enormously.

-Or second, I could just post another outfit from few month ago (because I’m the slowest person on earth.)

Considering I’m not rich I chose the second decision. I’m sorry you couldn’t see me in a new jacket but now you have the joy to see me in an outfit which I wore when I went out for lunch in Berlin one of the last summer days.

sweater – Brandy Melville

shirt – APC

trousers – I don’t know (got it from my mom)

mules – Mango

bag – from Bali

earrings – Floralpunk

Amy, x