I am back in the daily routine and can hardly wait for this upcoming summer. At the moment I work quite much for my holidays. After my trip to Mallorca I realized I needed way more of these kinds of vacations. I am so in the mood for different countries, beaches, the sun and other cultures. But for now I’m here in Berlin and it’s a very busy time for me. But the weather helps to relax a little. Finally I was able to wear my mules that I adore so much. I wish I had these ones in beige, too. In moments like these I wish I was in New York where I could just walk down the streets of Manhattan and buy these shoes at some store. It would be that easy and much cheaper than here, too. Anyway, the leather and quality of these mules make them damn special. And because I love them so much I shot a short clip for you. Nice, huh? Hehe.

Wearing shirt from COS, jeans from Zara and mules from Alexander Wang.
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