One of my saddest moments last year.. I found the perfect bomber jacket from Filippa K in a magazine. Of course, I went straight to the shop in hopes of getting the jacket. It was sold out. Last year Julia Stegner wore it at their campaign in beige-grey. It came out in three different colors. And I wanted this beige-grey one so bad. But I was too late. I mean, when I see something that I want to have, I actually buy it right away. Every now and then I fall in love with something and I’m like „I knew they did it just for me..“ Crazy, huh? Haha. And you gotta know that I am such an admirer of grey and beige colors. Most of my jackets or coats are grey or beige. Lol. I can’t tame myself. I just love pastel colors. Anyway, I love Filippa K. It’s one of my favorite brands ever!! As I watched their new clothes on their page a few days ago, I found this perfect bomber jacket again. OMG. Almost the same one as last year. Not the same color though.. But this one is also beautiful. Naturally I bought it today.. I got lucky. They even had it in my size. XSs are always the first ones gone. I saw they got it in three colors again this year! In black, mint green and my color beige. Hehe. If you want these ones. You have to hurry up! The store is in Berlin Mitte, Alte Schönhauser Str. 11.

Wearing bomber jacket from Filippa K, shirt from Come de Garcons, jeans from Acne, bag from Celine, shoes from Mangowatch from Michael Kors .