I actually prefer dark jeans. Something like black or dark grey. When I bought these bright Acne jeans I actually didn’t know yet how often I would wear them. But I became really happy with the color and started wearing them to work quite regularly. I think bright blue jeans only work with black shoes. I don’t know why.. But I literally had to make friends with bright jeans color. Now it is just fine. Haha. I also found some really nice high waist jeans at Asos. The cuts are perfect for my legs because they are so skinny. Sometimes, or actually most of the time, my legs are too skinny for beautiful jeans which fits. If you are looking for some cheap jeans you definitely should check out Asos.. Within the next days I might make a list of my favorite jeans at the moment. So sit tight and wait for it if you wanna see some great picks.
Wearing shirt from Alexander Wang, jeans from Acneshoes from Zara and watch from Michael Kors.