Those are my favorites pictures from my time in Frankfurt in December. Now I’m finally uploading them. The last couple of days I’ve been ill and lying in bed because the weather in Berlin has just changed drastically. Today it’s about minus 13 degrees and snowing. The whole winter was like fall and the real winter seems to begin now. I’m not enthusiastic at all. But okay, I feel I have to wear four pullovers instead of just one from now on. Every year I forget how cold the last year was. And now I remember. I don’t want to go out of my bed.. It felt so good to sleep for 10 hours straight. I almost forgot about my cold. Haha. Sorry for this everyday coat I’m wearing. But one of my top tips is: If you want to survive a very cold winter.. Go buy a belted coat. No matter if long or short. It’ll keep you warmer than you think. I should have thought of this last weekend. Haha. 
Have a good night guys!