Here are the pictures I took at Wansee Berlin, a few weeks ago.
This winter is not that cold and it hasn’t really snowed yet.
The last couple of christmases it was way more icy and wintery and therefore just divine.
Frankfurt is actually warmer than Berlin.
What a difference 600 kilometers can make…
As you can see I changed my page’s design.
I’m so happy about it and motivated to do a lot of great things with it.
As you know besides my blog I have to work a lot.
But taking photos and coming up with new ideas is is like some kind of therapy for me.
I’ll always find my way back to it.
It’s my baby.
This blog is the best thing I’ve ever done.
I hope you enjoy it.
Wearing coat from Acne, scarf from COS, beanie from American Apparel, boots from &OtherStories and jeans from Zara.