Zara Sandals, Amercian Apparel high waist jeans, COS shirt, Givenchy clutch
A luxurious pair of gold cinderella – like Sandals with basic jeans and shirt make you feel perfectly chic – I wore this last friday while going out with my friends to the Asphalt Club in Berlin.
A friend of mine took these photos with a cellphone. That explains the good quality.
It was so much fun. I really love to doll up.
The next day I had a hangover and some bruises.
Now I know why I usually don’t wear Sandals when I party.
Actually I wanted to wear a dress but it was freezing cold that day.
And I’m bored of boots. I pretty much have to wear them all the time now.
Whenever I enjoy pictures from other blogs on the internet, I feel so sad when I see California girls in their dresses and shorts.
I need this hot, sunny weather, too!