It’s been a while, lots of things happened and it was hard to explain. Lost and received, dissapointed 
and satisfied.

I have lost my beloved Fujifilm camera at the Berlin Fashionweek a few weeks ago, therefore I also lost many photos and memories. Too bad for me and for all of you, too. Whatevers..fortunately there is still this invention called Iphone..

Everything snapped what can be snapped, chaotic as always.

Lovely chandeliers and pleasant soft lights, candles, having breakast because thats always a must and the best start in the day that it could be.

Bought a new car, I love cruising through the city and singing along the radio songs. Still sitting in the car while I’m getting back to the house. Driving through the streets at nighttime and watching the shiny lights. Sundays spending time with my girlfriends and shooting the breeze. Taking pictures with your girlfriends for eternity. Having a drink once in a while, holding small talks which I usually don’t like.

Buying shoes where I sometimes don’t even have enough the money for it and I actually don’t really need it. Love the time when the sky is getting darker and all the streetlights are going to make an enjoyable view. Love staring at the soft clouds, makes you feelin good. Receiving gifts thats makes you happy. Paging through magazines and thinking about how much this could manipulate a person.

Drinking orange juice because its the freshest that one could ever have. Eating cupcakes simply because its sweet and tastes good. Getting flowers from someone very special. Repeating songs over and over again because it reminds you of something. Lying on the bed and just fall asleep without thinking about anything…that confusingness that makes me myself. I will take care of a new camera for lots of new wonderfull pictures.

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So it’s time to go. Good night my pretty ones.