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Having a night out means you want to step out of your daily look. You want to dress up a bit especially when it’s a special occasion. It’s not really necessary to change the whole look, only small details can change your daily outfit into a stunning evening outfit e.g. change the bag or the shoes.

As you know I prefer classic pieces in my wardrobe. I mean trends come and go but timeless pieces stay forever! I might not be the most colorful person but there are always some eye-catching clothes I couldn’t resist. It’s all about how you combine your clothing with special details. I love to create an independent and feminine twist to the look. That’s why I want to show you this look in this issue today.

When this bag arrived I knew this would be my key-piece for my evening look. During the day I usually wear a big bag with all my stuff. Everything has to fit in even my macbook. When I’m going out I prefer a smaller bag like this above. The FREDSBRUDER bag has a neatly vintage look because of the real leather. Another fact is that you have two variations of the bag. You can switch the flap of the bag to both sides either with the black or the suede side with eye application on top. I love the fact you have „two“ bags options in one. The leather is also high-quality smoothly. The idea of the brand is to create pieces you have with you all the time: Do you remember having your most favourite soft toy when you you were a little kid? That’s how Freds Bruder got his name – the owner’s soft toy “Fred” got lost when she was young and after lots of tears it got replaced by “Freds Bruder”.

Choose your unique bag here: http://www.fredsbruder.de

sweater – COS

skirt – Weekday

bag – FredsBruder

shoes – ASOS

Amy, x