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Summer is around the corner, that’s why I got these beautiful dresses from ASOS.

ASOS has an ultimative selection for you, which makes you ready for the summer vibes in the city.

Perhaps you’ve seen the Community proposition from ASOS #AsSeenOnMe. This is a great option for you to be featured on the ASOS #AsSeenOnMe gallery, product page and be regrammed by ASOS social media accounts.

See all products on real people and see the ASOS clothing in a new way.

You simply have to upload an image of your ASOS look using the hashtag, #AsSeenOnMe on Instagram.

Another way is to upload your look using the website uploader tool on the ASOS (here) website, where you can also add the links to the ASOS products.

It’s an easy way for being an inspiration for others and having fun as well 🙂


first dress – ASOS (here)

second dress – ASOS (here)

Amy, x